What Are Speciality Games

What Are Speciality Games

While playing online casino games, there are hundreds of different categories, one of which will be ‘Speciality Games.’ Sometimes, these games can be found under ‘other games’, ‘instant win,’ or ‘Miscellaneous games.’ These are the games that are categorised as quite limited and non-existent games. This depends on the casinos because it depends on whether they offer the contests to all or classified the games under different categories. The categorised games come under the other type like slots or table games but still provide a good chance of winning and great entertainment.

These games are a mixture of Game Show games, Bingo, Keno, Lotto games, and Scratch cards.

Game Show games

Game show games

The Game Show games are the games that can not be played under the live casinos as they are streamed live on the internet. Game show games are the popular categories and are the innovative takes on popular live game shows. The advancement in technology has made the games allow players to participate in the show with enough potential to win real money.

Lotto games

Lotto games are the game of chance and will be popular until humans have been intrigued by these games. There is no surprise in finding them in the Speciality Games section. It is a game where players need to select a few numbers between 0 to 99, and after their selection, the sequence for winning is drawn. It is trendy among live games where this is done by picking up a numbered ball from a bowl. If the game is not live, then RNG software is used to create the numbers.


Keno is a game related to the lottery, and the difference is Keno is more versatile. If Keno was to explain in simple words, they are a combination of lottery and roulette. There are plenty of options for betting in Keno, and this is the reason for saying it is a combination of lottery and roulette.

Different pay tables allow other Keno games, and there are a lot of Keno games available. The fair paytable and the Keno games with good odds would be recommended.


Bingo has the same theme as Lotto and Keno. It is a game that has proved to be extremely popular, especially among the older and most experienced casino players. It has a relaxed and social style which is more appreciated. The rules are straightforward with fantastic odds to them. The payouts are different depending on the type of Bingo game.

Scratch cards

Scratch cards are a new type of Speciality Games that works just like the standard Scratch card, which has only existed in the physical form. It is a simple game where you need to Scratch a card that reveals the amount of money you are getting. The winning of a standard Scratch card is when a player shows three of the same cards under a scratchable surface.

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