The Winner Move

The Winner Move

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. Many players worldwide tend to risk their money on the blackjack table. That’s why it is crucial to hear stories about these player’s big wins.

Kerry packer first big win

Kerry Parker’s first big win was worth 40 million dollars. The jackpot was one of the two big wins that Kerry Parker had in his gambling career. In 1991, he played his first winning strategy in Las Vegas, the city of entertainment.

The scene goes like this: Kerry Parker went straight to a public blackjack setup and placed his bet. People around him started cheering for his wins. But that didn’t distract the gamers, and The gamers aim was the big Jacky; he soon reached his goal. It is said that inspired by his move. The casino honored him with a free suite and a one-night stay. The owners of the casino decorated the room with chips, not the eating one.

second big win

The second big win

Again let’s get back to the scene.

It was 1995 this time, in fun Las Vegas city. The guests waited for the casino’s big winner and showered their blessings for his successive big win.

Packer placed his bet of 25,000 dollars on the table and played eight hands that night. E played for 40 minutes, and Parker cashed out 40 million dollars that night. It the biggest win of the whole Parker career. He was so happy that he left 1 million dollars as the dealer’s tip.

Let’s move to our next story.

Atlantic city

From the Atlantic city

The following story we have is from Atlantic City. Don Johnson is neither a don nor a Johnson but the CEO of heritage development. He is an experienced player in the blackjack game and has been playing for a very long time.  He has played in many casinos in the city throughout his life, but one of his recorded moves was between semester 2010 to April 2011.

Between these months, Don Johnson earned a jackpot of 15 million dollars playing blackjack. The bank is not a one-night making but a struggle of 5 months.

As said before, the player knows the game well. He knows the strategic mathematical moves and card nuances. He played huge bets and, in return, got much more than expected. So, the moral of the story is when luck favors you, you win huge wins.

The game-changer

The game-changer

4.5 million story

Let’s call the king of the blackjack strategy Ken Uston. Ken Uston is the master of the game. He knows the mathematical moves and has been a legend of his times. He is also known as the creator of the blackjack counting cards.

He trains people around the world to play blackjack and has built his professional card counter.

His recorded winning move is one of the earliest win jackpots of 4.5 million dollars.  His action has brought many multi-hand blackjacks, and One player made casinos change their rules. This is cool.

There are many more stories that we will pay our tribute to. But for today, City stories are over. See you at the next show.

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